We proudly present Aesti, beauty products offering you the very best of what Estonian peat has to offer.

Estonian bogs, untouched for thousands of years, are a place of pristine nature, where the air is always fresh, flora lush and water clean.
In a number of specific locations in the bog one can find peat with extremely high concentrations of humic substances. This form of peat is often considered the best natural medicine for human skin as it has been able to lock in minerals and bioactive substances from the plants growing in these undisturbed conditions, for over thousands of years.

We teamed up with scientists from the leading universities in the region to track down the highest quality peat and develop some truly effective products.
The peat used in the Aesti products is 100% organic, laboratory tested and compliant with all relevant European health product requirements.

We then collaborated with experts in the beauty and cosmetic industry to find the best ingredients to help further amplify the unique effects of peat on human skin in a range of easy-to-use skincare products. Every single Aesti product is 100% natural and produced in a certified laboratory in Estonia, guaranteeing the best possible quality.

Our mission is to develop and produce products based on Estonian peat that are as pure and healthy as the bogs the peat originated from.


Maximum effect on your skin on every use

To enhance the quality of the peat even further, the Aesti team have developed a filtering technology, resulting in a level of purity in the peat’s chemical composition which has not been previously achieved and allowing us to offer products containing a 100% pure and rich natural resource that ensures visible results on skin after every use.

The filtering technology allows us to increase concentrations of the beneficial ingredients of peat- minerals and bioactive substances. Aesti is currently the only company in the world with such a technology.

The Aesti filtered peat was certified to comply with the European Union cosmetics safety requirements in 2014.

Every single Aesti beauty product is manufactured in an accredited lab in Estonia, EU- guaranteeing the highest quality.